Forum post editing in iOS safari is severely broken

It’s a complete mess to try to type in the forum post editor in safari on iOS 13.4.1.

See attached images and video

In this video I’m simply trying to move the cursor to the bottom of the post, and insert an image. The screen jumps around hiding the place I want, every time I try to move it back into view.

As stated in a previous post, the forum is a third party service we use and it seems it is not ideal on mobile Safari right now. I think part of this issue is it does seem like Apple has changed how text selection works in input pages recently which is causing havoc with a lot of web apps on mobile.

I think if you click the X in the top right of the “Your topic is similar…” panel it may help.

We use the forum platform Discourse which is a very popular forum platform. If these issues are unusable and not caused by Apple bugs I will put a ticket in with them and you should do the same.

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I tried to report the three problems on the board, and they deleted two of them and just told me it was a problem with the install. Here’s the only post they let stay on the board, they haven’t answered my question of what to tell you you can do about these issues with your install:

None of the problems were reproducible on their forum. One of the problems appears to be that the miralou discourse doesn’t present safari with the mobile interface by default. does. This fixes some of the issues.

Ok, it does appear that switching to Mobile view for the forum problems I have reported. The desktop view and the mobile view are nearly identical visually, and there’s no way to tell what view you’re on unless you go into the menu, or you recognize a bunch of broken things in a mobile-looking interface being a “desktop view”.

Clearing the website data in Safari iOS preferences for does show that mobile view is the default when logging in to the forum.

I’m going to submit a complaint to discourse about the desktop view looking identical to mobile, except with broken features.

Sorry to take up so much of your time figuring this out. But now you know to tell other people who encounter this to switch to mobile view. (I submitted the bug to discourse)

Thank you for your awesome program,