Goose and Foreflight shut down when closing out "Auto Read" Mode

I am using an 11" iPad Pro with iPadOS Version 17.5.1 and have noticed when I tap on a section title at the top of the section column it will bring up the green and white pause symbol overlay but there is no dictation happening (nor any apparent progression through the list). When I try to close out of this by tapping the red X in the upper left, this shuts down both Foreflight and Goose. The same thing happens when using Goose alone. Initially I did not note this behavior on my iPhone but today the same thing happens on that device as well.

Hi @N555NX,

thanks for the feedback. We are aware of that issue and it’s fixed already, coming with the next update.

The issue arises when you have a designated area (list or section) labelled as “do not narrate” but than try to “force” Goose to read it anyways through clicking on the title.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for flying with Goose
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