Goose not stopping narration

While wearing my Bose A20 connected to my iPad via Bluetooth and while Goose is connected to ForeFlight and reading me the frequencies from a requested airport (e.g., “Goose, what are the frequencies at KAVL?”), Goose is not stopping narration when I say any of the stop words: stop, silence, be quiet, shut up. I’m unable to interact with Goose again until it reads off every frequency listed in ForeFlight for that airport.

Hi @PerryQuatro,
thanks for your feedback and the reported bug!

It’s good, that you found it - thanks. Sorry, that you had to though :wink:
I admit, I was surprised, as I never experienced that myself. However, after testing it, I could recreated your problem.

One important thing - potentially relevant to other readers

Interrupting Goose only works when an aviation headset is connected. No headsets, AirPods and other “regular” headphones do not offer this (listening & talking) kind of capability.

Again: To give commands (such as “stop!”) to Goose, whist Goose is talking, requires a connected aviation headset!

You can interrupt Goose, when you in a procedure (e.g. checklist) and have your aviation headset connected. Please test that. As soon as you start a checklist, this issue should not occur. The “stop” functionality however, is currently not globally available, and does not work for example when you are not in a procedure. This is definitely a bug and will be addressed!

After a quick trouble shoot with my colleague, we are confident to have a solution. Introducing the “stop”-functionality globally through Goose will be introduced with the next update (probably within the next 3-4 days). Please keep an eye out for V6.1.4

I would like to address one other aspect:

Just to clarify, this is technically not correct. Eventhough you are right, that it does feel like it. :slight_smile:

All the frequencies and airport information are “stored” in Goose directly and need to be downloaded (Settings > Download Airports) prior to accessing them. Since we are always striving for correct and current data (and I assume so does ForeFlight), we mostly provide the same information as EFB providers. The information are however coming from a different source.
There is also no requirement for having ForeFlight (or any EFB for that matter) to have access information in Goose via voice.

That all being said, I hope you can give us a few days to resolve this issue for you, Perry.

Again apologies for the inconveniences.
In the mean time - if you ever do need to shut up Goose - you cal always mute it, by clicking the green volume button on the top right.

I hope my answer helped you. Your feedback did anyways!

Many thanks & happy landings

Your reply about the airport info being stored locally makes sense; thanks for that clarification. Looking forward to the bug fix. Cheers!

no worries!
happy to help.