HELP! Blank white screen . . . will not go away or reset

All of a sudden I get a blank white screen upon starting MiraCheck. No way to back out, restart or anything . . . just white screen. When I swipe upper right hand corner of iPad and get the “play” buttons, it says “no checklist” in the little box. If I hit the play arrow I get Mira announcing “there is no checklist loaded.” What do I do now to get things working again?

There were a small amount of users that had an issue when upgrading to version 4 which has major changes. If you remove the app and reinstall it should be good. You will not lose any data as it will re-sync from the cloud.

Gee, thanks for the prompt reply . . . and on a weekend, no less! You guys are destined for great things. I looked for how to uninstall and reinstall in the iPad user manual . . . couldn’t find how to do it. I’ll keep looking. Thanks again for all you do for your customers . . . you set the standard for customer service.

All best wishes,

If you press and hold on the app, they should start to wiggle and an X should appear in the top right of the icon to delete. Hope this helps!