How do I have Mira stop at the end of a checklist? I want it to happen without me telling her to stop.. what command line do I need to insert in the checklist

need to have automatic stop after finishing a checklist , ie pre-flight check complete… she stops then I call for the pre-engine start check list …is that possible?

In what situation are you saying she doesn’t stop? Mira only reads one Item at a time unless you have her read a Section. If she reads a Section then she does stop after reading all items in the Section.

No, she doesn’t. My setup is as follows: One set of list per airplane, consisting of three lists (ground preflight, inflight, ground post flight), each with several sections (e.g. climb check, cruise check, descent check), each of those with several check items (e.g. cabin and pax - secured, ram air - off, ATIS - noted, QNH - set).

Mira will run non-stop through all of it as long as I keep checking off items, not only section-to-section, but also list-to-list. So, when I complete my line-up checklist (which is the last one in ground preflight), she rolls right into the next list, first section, which is climb check on the inflight list.

Needless to say, when I have completed my line-up list, I still have to actually enter the runway and takeoff. Being told “gear up” by Mira at that stage is annoying, to say the least.

To get around this, I have now put a separate item at the end of each section and list, such as “line-up check complete” with an expected response to start the next list, e.g. “climb check”. But that’s also suboptimal because it means that Mira will only say “line-up check complete” when I’m already in the air, asking for the climb check.

There are a few ways to do it. May be different if using voice to control or physically checking items. One would be don’t combine line-up check complete and response of cruise check in same challenge/response. Have one line-up check complete and when check that, right after have an item cruise check / are you ready to start? You could put that at end of the list, or make first item of cruise check. The line-up check complete item may not be necessary but up to you if you like her to announce that. At any time you can tap on the label of the currently selected item or say READ ITEM and Mira will read the current item. So when ready for cruise check if you say read item or tap the label on item she will say, cruise check / are you ready to start. Also if using voice, you really don’t need the are you ready to start item. If the section name is Cruise Check, then you can say MIRA CRUISE CHECK, no matter where you are at she will jump to that section and read the first item of Cruise Check.

That is sort of what I did. But both of your options have the same kind of problem: If I put “ready for climb check?” at the end of the line-up-check (which is what I have now), it means that the line-up-check isn’t completed for Mira until I start the climb check. So then, when I’m already in flight, I get the “Section line-up is complete” read-out. If I make it the first item in climb check, then I get “Starting climb check section” on the ground, even before take-off roll, just after line-up check is complete. The point is, I cannot complete a section and have silence until I’m ready to start the next one. Mira always wants to roll on.

Why not have a feature where the user can determine if Mira should advance after an item? Auto-advance could the the default, but when unchecked, Mira just stops after that item, announces the end of a section or list if that should be the case, but then doesn’t do or say anything else. The user can then call whatever checklist they want next whenever they want.

If you put a Check Item as Label Only as the last item…e.g. Line-up Check Complete…I believe it accomplishes what you want. She will read Line-Up Check Complete and then you can move on when you are ready for cruise check by saying MIRA CRUISE CHECK or MIRA INFLIGHT or just tapping that item or the tab of the new list (e.g. Inflight). If you want her to pause at the end there is some interaction you are going to have to do to move on when you are ready.

Below is a video of what I am talking about. Set the Label Only on the check item and also under Advanced there is an option Ignore Completion. If you check that, it will determine the section complete (you will see green status of section) even without checking that last item. Mira will also automatically read the section or list is complete. You now can move on by tapping on the last item, or if moving to a new list tapping the tab on the bottom for the new list (e.g. Inflight) or saying MIRA {Section Name goes here} or MIRA {List Name goes here}.

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Yes, the “label only” in conjunction with “ignore completion” seems to work. Thank you!

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when it gets to the end of a list, it does not make sense to just start speaking out whatever other list happens to be next. Why is this like this?

The explanation and video above shows how you can decide when you want it to stop before the next List. There definitely are use cases where users want it to auto advance to the next List.

I suggest that the natural flow from the end of one list to the beginning of another is more easily managed by ignoring the reading of the first item of a “new” (next) list until you need to start using that list. To (re)start using the list just say “Mira read item”. Mira will instantly reread the item she initially read and you never responded to. You can respond and the list will continue in sequence. This works even within a list when you have situations where there is a delay and you can’t check items off in sequence as rapidly as Mira is reading them.

I think this topic illustrates a larger issue with using the voice capability of Mira. Could it be that Mira it is leading us to create instructional “How To” or “Do” lists that we dogmatically respond to as we go through the various phases of flight. This is not a check list which you reference to make sure you did everything you should have. You will find that if you use these “Do” lists long enough they become addictive and you become dependent upon them.
After using Mira for over a year I have found myself going back and reducing my lists to the basics. Depending upon the phase of flight I try to get ahead of the list and using the technique above restart the list and quickly check off items I did and get reminded of things I might have forgot. This way my head is always in the game and Mira is an aid rather than a crutch.

Thanks for the post AJ and your insight. You are correct that at any time you can say MIRA READ ITEM to read the currently selected item. The command REPEAT works as well.

There is a lot of flexibility in MiraCheck in how you setup your checklists, but also how you choose to flow through them, such as the “Do” style, “Flow” style and “Challenge and Response” style. Another approach to the “Flow” style you can use is to structure your checklist where each Section is the items you would do for a flow. You then go through those items mentally and then to confirm you say “MIRA READ SECTION”. She then reads each one of them in succession so you can listen and confirm you did each of them. Once she is done you say “CHECK SECTION” and she checks all items in that section.

I don’t think there is a one-size fits all solution, and why the flexibility. Depending on if you fly everyday, are a student just learning, or a more some where in the middle we have tried to design the product to handle any users workflow.