How to Auto-open EXTERNAL Links? (or feature request for it)

The Link on Check function doesn’t seem to work for external app URLs, such as shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=SpeakDanDepartureWeather

I’d like to be able to use only the voice checklist interface to trigger this URL. Right now I can get it to work by tapping the link embedded in Label 1 as let’s check the weather. However, I can’t seem to find a way to get an external link to open by voice.


In the next release you will be able to open embedded links by saying GO TO LINK ONE or GOTO FIRST LINK, GO TO LINK TWO, etc…

Cool! Would you mind, if there’s only one link, letting us just say “Open link” or “follow link”?

Could you add external URL support for the LINK ON CHECK function as well?
Thank you!