How to create bullets, bold face, etc?

Forgive me for such a basic question, but I can’t find this addressed anywhere. How do you format headings, sections, and items with bullets, boldface, and other formatting options?

Edit: I found examples to follow. But holy cow, is it hard to find how to do anything in this program. You have to happen across it in a video or an example checklist somewhere. Documentation is sparse, and the examples aren’t worded well so that they come up in a search.

_To create bold text, put two asterixes before and after the text. _

To create a bulleted list, put a single asterix before each list item.

We use a syntax called Markdown to format text.

If you went through the Quick Start procedure it talks about it. You can also add the Quick Start procedure by searching for it. There are also two sample checklists, one called Markdown Magic and one called Rich Content that shows examples of different formatting. Not every single markdown feature is supported, but definitely the most standard ones are such as bold, italic, bullets, headings…

One thing to be aware if trying to place text on new lines is you need to add two spaces and a return at the end of the line. For paragraphs, just make sure to have a completely empty line between the two paragraphs.

Here is a document on Markdown…

I think a bug was introduced, as I had a checklist using bullets now those sections in the website look perfect, but in the IOS app on ipad those section do not show bullets and the formatting is all messed up. I use on the web editor:
Warming Lights Illuminated:
* Oil
* Vac
* Alternator

which outputs fine in the web version as:
Warming Lights Illuminated:

  • Oil
  • Vac
  • Alternator

but the IOS version puts all the words together like:
Warning Lights
* * *

I have tried the diffrent markdown notation same issue Ideas ???

The markdown in the web view is more forgiving than the mobile app. Looking at your label, it isn’t strictly valid markdown. Since you have a string of text before the bullets you should put a new line before the bullets…

You have…

Warning Lights Illuminated
* Oil
* Vac
* Alternator

Try this…

Warning Lights Illuminated

* Oil
* Vac
* Alternator

Putting the extra line break in fixed it (thanks) How do you fix the:
``- Third item
- Indented item
- Indented item
- Fourth item
Lists ? I enter in web with four spaces for indent lines:
Magnetos CHECK:

* Max drop 175 RPM
* 1825 minimum
* Max difference 50 RPM
* See EGT Rise on JPI 50 degrees

Web shows:
Magnetos CHECK:

  • Max drop 175 RPM
    • 1825 minimum
    • Max difference 50 RPM
  • See EGT Rise on JPI 50 degrees

But IOS shows:
Magnetos CHECK:

  • Max drop 175 RPM

  • See EGT Rise on JPI 50 degrees

note the indented list is just gone. but the voice still talks the missing items…

Sorry. That is a current limitation of the component that it only supports one level of bullets in the mobile app.

Is subscript supported? I tried the <sub> tag. In the cloud editor the preview shows it working, but in the checklist it just shows the raw code.

The mobile app doesn’t support passing through html tags. As stated earlier the web app shows a markdown preview of what is supported on the web, but the mobile app only supports some of those options.

The markdown features that are supported in the mobile app are:
html, image and video links
one level of bullets
small tables

The sub can be simulated using upper-case and lower-case…

Hi, returning to this to see if subscript is now supported?

Sorry, this is not yet supported. We definitely would do if it was easy. Native apps do not support full HTML for text and the framework we use for development does not support.