How to set up where auto reads section i select and then immediately back to Birds Eye

Is it possible to set ups the checklist where I push button in birds eye and Mira auto reads everything to me in that section and then automatically returns to the birds eye? I don’t want to have to push or say anything except for initial button that tells Mira which section I want read.

At the present time, no. Currently, after reading you would have to tap the Birdseye Button in the Checkbar or say BIRDSEYE VIEW or TOGGLE BIRDSEYE VIEW or OPEN BIRDSEYE VIEW. We will put the request as a future potential enhancement.

OK…thanks. Its pretty minor but was just trying to save a step. Its been working great. Very happy with it. The main thing would be if could somehow set up for Mira to automatically read the section when I push button in Birds Eye. Thank you.

The Link Action “Reset Current List” does not start the current list in Birdseye view, even though the list is set to start in Birdseye view.

Currently when you click on the Tab (List) at the bottom of the screen is what starts it in Birdseye View. We will look at in the future also having it start when the list is reset.

It also starts in Birdseye when you select Emergency procedures with the icon along the right side.

Thank you for considering also starting in Birdseye, if specified, when a list is reset.

Any further thought to this? What I’m trying to do is when I reach the end of a section dealing with an Emergency procedure, I reset the list, and would like to return to the birdseye view of the Emergency list.

At the moment it returns to the first item of the first section in the Emergency list.

Maybe I’m missing something here?

It’s been added to the backlog