Images in Checklists


New to Miracheck and I’m trying to put images into my checklist

When I use the Markdown Editor and click on the Image Icon, I get the text string
![] () inserted.

If I paste in a Http link address, all works well


![] (

NOTE: space after [ inserted just so I could display th text string.

What I can’t get working is inserting an image from my file system

Example below doesn’t work
![](C:\Temp\DA62 rear luggage.PNG)

Does anyone know the correct syntax or isn’t this possible?

Has there been any progress with using HTML commands? I tried the command and it works on the Cloud but still doesn’t work with an app. Would be great to be able to do some of the simple formatting commands like center, text color etc.

Is there any information anywhere on how to use the inline code feature (<> and </>)?

Doesn’t work for me either. Any help on this?