Importing CSV files

I’ve finally found the time to start migrating my checklists from ForeFlight to Mira. I spent yesterday watching the videos to refresh how to create Mira checklists. Mira is light years in front of Foreflight when it comes to checklists.

I’ve kept Word copies of my ForeFlight checklists so I am able to turn them into csv files and import them.

Can I offer one suggestion: expand the video on importing the IMSAFE snippet to show how to import a list, section or item into a checklist. I kept getting the “Invalid - you can’t paste this here” error message until it dawned on me that lists, sections and items have to be pasted into the receiving document at the same level that they were in the source document. This is obvious now, but it wasn’t for the half hour that I went around in circles figuring it out.

Congratulations on the best checklist app on the market.



Thanks for the feedback Joe. Positive reviews on the App Store always appreciated!

How do import my foreflight checklists? Or can I simply overlay Mira to read my foreflight checklists so that I can use the talk back feature to verbally command my checklist?

MiraCheck definitely allows you to overlay the checklist on top of ForeFlight and allows you to control with voice even when you slide it off the screen or it is completely in the background.

As far as the content, sorry to say ForeFlight checklists are in a proprietary format and there is no easy way to immediately get it into MiraCheck. We do have an open-source community with many aircraft available and we have a partnership with CheckMate Aviation for 100 of their aircraft. We also have a very robust cloud-based authoring tool so there is always the copy/paste option which most likely would be a one-time hit of a few hours.