Importing the airport CSV files

Unable to import the csv Airport files
Results in a Blue screen with “Go Back” on top left.
Please advise
Thank you

Hi @JediPD

I’m sorry to hear you have some troubles importing your csv.
I have troubles to follow along, but will try top help the best I can (below). If my answer does not help, please provide me with more information. To help, I need:

  • Screenshot of where problem arises
  • Screenshot of problem
  • device & version the problem are noticed
  • ideally csv file you are trying to upload (via email to

Let me try to help the best I can at the moment

License Paywall:
To all readers, please note that import capabilities require a paid subscription and are not available on the free plan.

I am not sure what you mean with “Airport files”. We offer a csv import capability for you to import your checklist. This capability lets you ‘bypass’ our checklist & procedure builder and offer you create a checklist from a csv file.

Please not, that in order to process an uploaded csv file and to convert it to a checklist in Goose it has to follow our structure. We provide a blank template and a partially populate sample for the csv format, which you have to follow.

All of the above relate to the Goose Cloud. I suggest you use the import function only from a laptop or pc. Opening that from a mobile device (e.g. iPhone) could lead to such a behaviour which we cannot control. You would open your operating system’s file system. Need screenshots and/or details to be safe

If you are talking about the mobile Goose app and airports however, there is no such thing as an Airport import. You can index airports to query information about them.
For that go to Settings > Download Airports and select the region(s) you want to fly in.
Click “Create Airport Search Index”. To trigger the NLP training, deactivate and activate the microphone. When the loading spinner disappears (usually 10-15 seconds), the NLP has been retrained with the new information.

I hope that helps! If not, please do not hesitate to let me know

Any other issues or questions, please feel free to always reach out!

Thanks for testing and providing feedback!
We appreciate to have you as an engaged part of our community!

Happy Landings

Thank you Mirko.
Much Appreciated!

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