Informational Items

In my personal checklists I have items which are information only.

For example, in my climb checklists is a copy of the POH fuel climb/target fuel flow table:


I do somehting similar with V-Speeds to takeoff and landing. Other examples are expanded information about a checklist item.

In all of those, I only need to see it. I don’t need to check it as complete. Is there an item type which simply displays text without having to mark it complete? I thought that was what “Label Only” was all about, but I guess not.

It is correct that is what Label Only is for. Initially when you use Label Only it still acts as a check (without a visual checkbox) and you just tap on it to acknowledge it. For some content though you may not want to have to tap on it to contribute to the completion of the section. In the Advanced section of an item, there is an Ignore Completion option so that you can also say the Label Only does not need to be tapped.

Also for very small tables like this you can use Markdown to display the table inline For more complex tables you would typically put the content in the Comments which is a full blown webview. Search for the ‘Rich Content’ for some examples of Markdown.

Here is your table in Markdown…

| Altitude  | GPH  |
| Sea level | 14.0 |
| 2000      | 13.0 |
| 4000      | 12.0 |
| 6000      | 11.0 |
| 8000      | 10.0 |
| 10,000    | 8.5  |
| 12,000    | 7.0  |

Here is what it would look like…

I know that much. The table I posted was from MiraCheck. I was just figuring Label Only would equal “don’t have to tap on it” by default.


This thread was very informative and helpful. Thank you!