Inline Images - where are they?

I know how to add images to my checklists with an html link . I was wondering whether the images are brought into MiraCheck or whether the app is just pointing to them.

IOW, if I am offline - no internet connection - do I still see them (in the app) or do I lose them (pointing).

If in the app, does it have an address I can use to put it in multiple checklists without loading it multiple times, or do I just add it via html link repeatedly?

For context, the image is a hold short line. I use it as a subheader for my final before takeoff checks. I fly multiple airplanes so I probably have a dozen checklists I rotate. I would use the graphic in all of them.

There is a post on that already…

There is also another way to do it using Comments…

For this method you will have to tweak the Width or Height in the Advanced tab of comments depending on the device size (phone, tablet) or the image will overflow.

I’ve seen the file system post, but I’m not using a file system graphic. My question is simpler. Where is the graphic when linked? Pulled from the Internet each time, stored in a cloud somewhere, or built into my checklist?

IOW, will I see it if I am offline? If stored in the app, if I use it in multiple checklists, are there multiple copies or just one?

I like that alternate use of Comments.

For it to work offline, it is stored in the checklist. You are basically converting the image data to a character representation of image data (base64 encoding) and then storing those characters in the checklist content. So the image encoder in the post is taking a file that is on your file system and then encoding it as base 64 data. You then copy that data and inline it in a label in the checklist. It is inlining the image, so if you had multiple checklists, each one would have to have that data in it.