Intercom conflict with Miracheck

First use of Miracheck on my aircraft. I opened Miracheck, activated the microphone icon, and also had Foreflight running. When I turned on my aircraft intercom my right seat passenger was not able to hear me via the intercom or communicate back to me. (Bose A20 headsets with Bluetooth on mine.). I tried a different headset with the same result. I then turned off the microphone icon on Miracheck and had normal intercom operation. I will continue to troubleshoot but has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am not fully understanding. Do you have your iPad paired bluetooth directly to your Bose A20?

Yes my IPad is paired to my Bose A20

Not sure what may be going on, but the intercom is independent of the connection between the Bose and iPad. That is on its own audio channel peer-to-peer between Bose and iPad. Definitely have never had an issue or a user reporting an issue with multiple headsets in the plane and using the Talk to Mira capability. Curious to see what you find.

I have to admit I am a little stumped at how that could possibly happen. Yes the intercom is a totally independent system. Only the pilot’s Bose A20 was connected to the IPad via Bluetooth - the other Bose A20 is non- Bluetooth. I had Miracheck running in the background. Wondering if it has something to do with the “talk to Mira” listening time which was set to 15 minutes and the Bluetooth/audio mixing capability on the Bose.

Next time, try playing with the slider they have for mute and mix. That should mute the bluetooth audio in favor of the intercom. Mix should keep them the same. I have never seen an issue with these, but something to try.

I did try all the Mute/Mix/Off positions on the Bose. Did not make a difference. Right seat passenger could not hear me on the intercom in any of those positions. As soon as I turned the mic off on Miracheck the intercom returned to normal. I will continue to troubleshoot

Tried it again on a flight yesterday. I can not communicate with the right seat passenger over the intercom unless the miracheck app is closed out. Does not matter what my Bose A20 Bluetooth is set to Mute/Mix/Off. Foreflight is open and in use and I have no issues using the spoken checklist feature with that.

Very strange. ForeFlight is not using voice recognition and your mic. Apples to apples comparison of that would be to first try using MiraCheck without the mic. I assume that is all good?

Curious if anyone else on the forum is having an issue that when use voice recognition there is then no way to communicate with copilot or passengers over intercom.

Thanks for the response. I will try that the next time out and let you know what I find out.

Do you have access to another headset to try like a Lightspeed? Also, this evening I will email my dip switch settings on A20. Maybe there is a configuration causing this issue.

I would be interested to see if changing the dip switch setting on the Bose makes a difference. Mine was set to the BT position. If changing it to AUX doesn’t make a difference I will see if I can access a Lightspeed headset to try. Really like the Miracheck App and would like to get it to work

Here are my settings…

I have tried every possible combination now with my Bose headset. As soon as I engage the mike on Miracheck I can no longer communicate through the intercom on the aircraft. Only other option is to try another headset but I’m not giving up my Bose. Rather frustrated.

I am sorry for your issue. We have never had another customer report such an issue and I definitely can confirm in all sorts of tests no issues with the intercom. Our app is a standard bluetooth app on the mobile device and communicates directly with the headset. You may have something going on with audio priority in your intercom that if it gets a certain signal it shuts it down.