IOS and ForeFlight split screen support slide out menu issues

I found an issue now that ForeFlight supports spilt screen use before I rand Mira in the run over. But now since both support IOS split screen that’s even better cause you do not have to move Mira to get at things it’s hidden in ForeFlight but when in split screen if you want to make ForeFlight the only app full screen your supposed to grab the middle bubble bar icon in the middle of the screen and swipe to the right. Problem is that causes Mira to slide out the menu! Unless your really lucky. A fix would be to be able to disable miras left menu slide out and just get to it via the top left corner menu icon. Is there a way to do this already I am missing? If not could this be added ?

Thanks for a great app! Keep up the great work

We have been testing with the new multitasking ForeFlight (finally!) and definitely a great improvement.

I must be lucky. I haven’t seen the issue you are describing but wasn’t testing for it either. Testing it now, if grab the gray bar on the slider halfway down the screen it seems almost always to work as you would expect but every once in a while I see what you are saying. We will try to introduce an option to turn off the slide on the menu.

FYI, have been working on a video that will show the new multitasking feature in action on a complete IFR flight (on simulator) doing the flight completely handsfree.