iOS: Define a "custom URL scheme" for calling MiraCheck from other apps

Please add the feature to the iOS app that apple calls a “Custom URL Scheme”. This is a special URI link format that is registered with iOS that allows other apps to trigger the opening of MiraCheck, and also they can send parameters for Miracheck to parse, just like a web server app URL.

Allow URI access to open the app from other apps, including some parameters in the URL:
* Open a specific checklist
* Enable/Disable “talk to Mira”
* Enable/Disable audio
* Start at item ID
* Initialize checklist at Resume or New
* miracheck://open-checklist?checklistid=mypipercherokee&initstate=resume&startatitemid=mypreflight&settalk-to-mira=on&setaudio=off
* Mandatory Parameter (If this is missing, just open to the normal home screen):
* checklistid=mypipercherokee
* Optional Parameters:
* initstate=resume
* startatitemid=mypreflight
* settalk-to-mira=on
* setaudio=off

This is pretty simple to do in Xcode, here are some helpful programming links:

(This is, in part, badly needed to remove the tiresome, repetitive, acts that the user must perform every time they open the app: Open the app, Tap “New”, tap the talk-to-mira icon)

Yes, it would be a cool feature. Again, not a feature that one other customer has ever requested. Curious. Can you name one other aviation app…ForeFlight? Garmin Pilot? etc… that has implemented deep-linking to this level? It is no small undertaking to do. We also support Android with the same capabilities as iOS, and all of this deep-linking is done very different on that OS.