Last Update seems to have broke inline comments

The last update seemed to have broke some of my in line comment displays along with the ability to tap and hold for the expansion to the full box display of the comments. Causing me a bit of a problem.

I am not seeing any issues with inline comments on this end. Can you be specific about what issues you are seeing? I should note, that feature is marked experimental. It really only supports a subset of what you can do in a full browser. Having a full browser within every item (which can be hundreds of items) is not feasible.

I see the issue you are referring to.

It was an easy fix and will be in the next release, which most likely won’t get through Apple for a few days. Not sure if you realize, but there is a lot of formatting you can do without having to use the HTML editor. For simple bullet lists you can just put…

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

directly in the Labels. It will then convert these to proper bullets.

Thanks for reporting the issue.