Limited Sharing?

I know we can publicly share our custom checklists on MiraCheck, but is there a way to limit it to certain accounts? My example is a flying club which wants to have the club-modified checklists available to the group (some with paid subscriptions; some with free), but have concerns about making them available to pilots in general.

Yes you can share with limited people. On each checklist card there is a Create Share Link action. This will copy a URL to the clipboard you can send to others. They will then receive the checklist. What is cool is if you make updates, they will also receive your updates. They will also have the opportunity to Clone the checklist, which will give them a new one based on that if they want to add their own tweaks.

One thing to note about some with paid subscription and some with free is if the checklist you are sharing uses capabilities above the Free version then it may not work well for them. For example if you use any of the Form Items other than a checkbox, or the new Filter capability.

Thanks, Jeff.

Duh! I really should have looked at the checklist card menu!

Just to clarify. When you send the share link to someone, and they subsequently make a change (vs cloning it), does that change get applied to the original? In other words, are you actually sharing the same master version of the checklist?

To clarify, you are not sharing the master version in a way where they can modify the master. They do not have the ability to edit a shared checklist. When you make updates to the master they will automatically get your updates. If they want to make edits they have to clone it.