Linking checklist items

Hi all,

Just starting off trying this app. I am unable to get this to link, could somebody please guide me where I am going wrong?

I’m creating the checklist online.

E.g. in the PreEngine CheckList section, there is an item “Ignition”. In the Advanced section of Ignition, I have Selected the ‘Link on Check’ and then inserted the ID to the next Section.

PreEngine Start > Ignition > Advanced > Link on Check > #PC140AS

In the next section, After Engine Start, I have set the ID as PC140AS.

What am I doing incorrect please?

If you want to use the Create Share Link function on the checklist card in MiraCheck Cloud and send to I can see what the problem may be.

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Thanks Jeff, I managed to get the linking to work. The problem was the missing #, i.e. the problem was in the chair! :smiley: