Lowest supported Android version

As you can imagine, we all accumulate many devices over the years. What is the lowest Android version that MiraCheck supports?

I have MC app installed on my Samsung 10.1 tablet that runs Android 4.1.2. I can still run programs like Sky Demon and many other apps. I can navigate within the MC side menu but when I try to log in, I only see a white page. Is this a bug? Or, is this Android version (4.1.2) no longer supported by MC?

If not, it is ok. At least I tried to overcome planned obsolescence! :slight_smile:


That definitely is a very old version of Android. The fact that the app runs tells me it is somewhat compatible. The white screen (our login screen) is actually a webview running within the app. That will sometimes be white if there is poor or no connectivity so you may want to try again. If no matter what it is always white, then it most likely is an incompatibility. We have had to upgrade to the latest webview components for security purposes and my gut is because of such an old version of the OS, it may be one that is not now supported. Other apps you have may run because they use different capabilities of the device. They may not use a webview for example like we are.