Making colored labels

I used to be able to set labels to a specific color. When I first start MiraCheck on the website, it shows me a rich text editor. However, there are two problems:

  1. The colors do not transfer over to the mobile app on an iPad.
  2. The rich text editor on the web disappears and will not appear until I restart the web version of MiraCheck.

I have colored labels that I made a year ago. But I cannot edit the colors now or create new colored labels.

I am using a MacBook with Safari when I use the MiraCheck website.

Sorry, I am not completely following. Under the Advanced Panel of an Item is where you set the color for Label 1 and Label 2.

The Rich Text Editor does not support setting colors. We use a standard called Markdown for rich text, and coloring text is not supported in that standard. So you won’t see it colored in the editor, but it should be colored when you are running the app.

For #2 above I am not understanding. Can you explain me or take a screen grab?

Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I now see where to set the label color, thanks to your screen shot. Definitely pilot error on my part.

Relative to item 2 in my original question, I have attached a screen shot. When you first click in a label definition area, you are provided with a rich text editor. However, once you click off the label definition area, you will not see it again when clicking on that or another label definition. That doesn’t cause me a problem now, but I thought it odd that it would appear only once upon starting Mira.

Thanks again for your help.

Wow, definitely have never seen what you are showing in this screen shot. Can you give me some details of operating system and browser that you are using?

I was able to re-create your issue. We are going to look into this,

Thanks for your feedback. We rolled out an update to the Cloud app (Version to address the issue with the Rich Text Editor toolbars.

Thanks for your quick response in producing an update. I really appreciate the great support.