Managing "Sessions"

Guess I missed the point about Sessions.

Between creating a new checklist on a PC in the cloud, syncing it to an iPad for practice, and then editing again I now have 50 sessions.

The old ones are of no use because only the newest one is tied to the most current edit of the checklist.

Can’t see any way to delete the old sessions.

You can think of session as a history log of each time you run a checklist. Understood that when creating a checklist and going back and forth between editing/testing many sessions are created. Once you have a more stable checklist, the sessions are a record of each time you performed the checklist. It even includes the GPS track of each flight as well as the timestamps of when you started the plane and shutdown the plane if you use the Flight Timer. For some checklists, they may not always be done in a single session like a flight in a plane and may span days, weeks or months. Think of a checklist preparing for a trip, or maintenance type checklists. The sessions allow you to go back and pick up where you left off. Also if something does happen and you accidentally close the app (or it crashes) you can also pick up where you left off. The sessions are stored locally on the device, and also have the option of syncing to the MiraCheck Cloud app where you can review the history there. You can toggle the visibility of seeing the local sessions by toggling the Show Local History button under Preferences on the slide-out menu. There is also a toggle to Store Cloud History if you don’t want them synced to the cloud. In MiraCheck Cloud, you can delete each session, but currently there isn’t a way to delete the local history. We will add that on our backlog as a feature request. As a workaround for now, if you remove the app and re-install it, you will clear out all the local sessions. When you are creating a new checklist and initially doing a lot of editing, if you toggle the Store Cloud History then it won’t sync all the sessions you are doing while testing to the cloud.