Merging two checklists

Hello Jeff,

I’m trying to merge two checklists.

  1. First, is that fonction available in MiraCheck Cloud?

  2. If not, is there a way within MiraCheck Cloud to copy a list (Blue table) or a section (Orange table) from one checklist to another?

What I did try!
I used the export / import feature. I did download my two checklists in basic mode. I copied the rows from my first checklist into the second one. I made sure the old list name in the fisrt column of my second checklist was changed to the desired list name for the entire column. I saved the csv file under a new name and then I tried to import it into MiraCheck Cloud. The problem is that after hitting “Open” to import the new file well, nothing happened. I did wait for a while. Still, nothing happened.

I want to point out that I did what you proposed in the comments of the CSV IMPORT section of MiraCheck Q&A web site. That is to check out the template first. Afterward, I went ahead with the copy and paste process from checklist one to two. I did verify the second checklist to make sure the desired format for importation remained the same. To my knowledge, everything was good on the formating side. I also want to point out that I used MS Excel program to manipulate the two csv files and saved this newly created checklist as a csv file.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Yes, actually it is super easy to merge two checklists right in the editor.

  1. Open checklist you want to copy from
  2. Select top-node
  3. Click Copy action
  4. Click My Checklists to return to all checklists
  5. Open checklist you want to copy to
  6. Select top-node
  7. Click Paste as Lists

Here is a video showing…

You can even do more advanced things like copy sections in one list and paste as sections. You can flatten structure like copy all lists and paste as sections or items.

Works great!
Thank you