Mira stops 0.5 second after start on Ipad

Two weeks ago when starting the Mira on ipad it stopped after less than half a second (I saw the interface but the app closed almost immediately). I tried severeral times to no avail. It was no connected to Wifi when at the plane.
It was for a flight, foreflight had been loaded before.

15 minutes before I was using my iphone witht Mira for the exterior check and it was going fine. The app was still active on the phone.

Now two weeks later, Mira starts fine (I’m home on wifi).

It happened to me also two months ago, then I had to delete the app on ipad, then reload it to get it to work.

I’d welcome to know if there is a setting I need to adapt or if there is a bug to be fixed on the app.
Would be a pitty if it persists as Mira check list is preferable to me than the foreflight one.

FWIW - I’ve had this happen periodically with various apps on my iPad. I simply reboot my iPad and all is good again. I believe it’s iPad vs app related, but that’s just my guess. Might be worth a try next time it happens.