Mira voice types

I’m fairly new to Mira Copilot and MiraCheck. Mira’s different voices on the application all sound very “computerish”. I watched a video with Jeff and the use of MiraCheck with flight sims and the voice was much better. Which Mira voice was used in that video and can we access it in Mira Copilot using an iPad?

So there have been no replies over the past 11 days but I thought I would pass this along. I loaded Mira copilot on my iPhone and the voice is much better. I’m assuming that this has something to do with the IOS software between the two devices. I’m much happier with the iPhone version so I guess I’ll just use that instead of my iPad. Rod

You can change the voice under the Mira menu. You should be able to do this on the iPad and iPhone. The default voice is not their best voice. You can download new voices from Settings->Accessibility->Spoken Content->Voices. I use Ava (Premium).

Ava is a great voice for the application when using the IPad. I expected it to show up in alphabetical order after downloading it but it’s at the bottom of the list, which is quite long.
Jeff, thanks for the support!

Good info! Thanks