Misaligned entry window for web addresses

See the below image to show my problem. When I enter a new web address, the entry files are partially hidden by the checklist. I’m a new user. Thanks for your help - please let me know if the image doesn’t come through.


Hmm, strange. I am trying to recreate on my iPad, and mine looks like this…

What iPad are you using?

Some workarounds you can try for now…
If turn iPad so in Landscape mode is there the same issue?
If open up from a PC or Mac at https://checklist.miracheck.com do you see a similar issue?
You can also use the Markdown Editor instead of the Advanced Editor. You click the Show Markdown Editor button to toggle to it. The Markdown Editor doesn’t have popups, but you need to understand a little of Markdown which is a text format for rich text. You would enter a link with the following syntax in Markdown…basically put the link label in parenthesis and the url in brackets.

[Email Bob](mailto:bob@test.com) or [Launch MiraCheck Website](https://www.miracheck.com)

Here’s a pic in landscape mode:

I’m using a fifth-generation iPad mini 4, purchased this year.

So in landscape seems like not getting cutoff but still doesn’t look exactly like it should. Not sure why different iPads are rendering it differently as both just using Safari but will try to recreate on this end.

Here’s a screen shot from my iMac:

Jeff, will try the Markdown Editor, see how that works. So far, I’ve been able to enter URLs and labels with the partially covered-up form.

Bill P