Multi Language Support

I‘m currently using Mira with the checklists from the German POHs for the planes I fly. This works surprisingly well when selecting a German Voice on iOS. The only situations where it sounds odd is when Mira tries to say something in English (like XXX ‘section’ or ‘checklist for’).

One disadvantage is that if I load a English checklist I manually need to switch the voice to an English one.

However, I now have a situation where things get ugly. I’m trying to include the S-TEC 55X preflight checklist in my Cessna checklist as one of the 172’s I will be flying is equipped with one. But this checklist is completely in English. So currently I have to add audio overrides to all texts trying to get the German voice engine to pronounce English correctly.

It would be much easier if we could instead select a voice per language and set a language for checklist as well as a override per section. This way, we don’t need to manually switch the voice when using different language checklist and having sections in different languages then the rest.

Sorry, MiraCheck currently is an English only product and the fact that you can pull off some multi language capability is really because it supports Unicode for authoring content and there are TTS voices for different languages. Truly making it a multi-language product is a huge investment and the market just isn’t currently there to justify that investment. On top of that, the added requirements where you would want to intermingle languages from the same procedures adds even more complexity.

With the current limitations, would it not make sense to translate the STEC checklist into German so at least the entire procedure would be consistent?

I can understand your reluctancy for full multi language support as this would as this would indeed be quite a large change.
However, a very minor change would allready solve my issues and not even be related to multi language support but could also provide usefull for english only environments.
As we can already set two voices in the app (primary, used to read the items, and secondary, used for the “say check” feature), you just need to add a checkbox “use secondary voice” to checklists, lists and sections. When using a diffenerent language voice for foreign checklists it makes sense to keep the secondary voice set to English anyways, so basically the two voices are sufficient anyways.
Or you could define a third “alternate” voice… so we can have “Alex” read our “prepare camping trip” checklist while “Mike” reads our aviation checklists.