Mutual exclusive filter tags possible?

As far as I can see filter-tags are on/off type. Is it possible to have mutual exclusive filter tags on one button, e.g. Controlled versus Uncontrolled.

Sorry, it is not possible with the filter capability, but there is a more advanced capability that can do what you want and then some called Value Triggers. It does require getting your hands a little dirty with some light scripting. We do have a learning module that walks you through.

Thanks, I will try that one!

I tried it, but the folllowing trigger stops the APP without any errormessgae:
if (mc.getValue()===“yes”) {
} else {

I have DepATIS, DepSUClearance and DEPSUCall as IDs of other items.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Hmm, I will be out rest of day but will take a look at soon. I will suggest first creating a small little checklist to test concepts on. Not sure if issue yet, but I noticed you have id’s with filters and id’s for the value trigger.

Found it: Had a small typo in one of the IDs. Now it works. I will remove the filter tags and use the Value Trigger instead.

Value Triggers work indeed much better for my puprose than filter tags. Thanks!

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