Need help with voice recognition

Hi to all, need help with voice recognition. Flew yesterday, and had to shut off v/r and manually respond to checklists. Bluetooth to Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset. I shut off Voice Search, and tried all four Voice Models. No joy yet. Any suggestions? Thanks very much,

Bill Palmer

Bill, if having issue first make sure the Lightspeed is connecting to Bluetooth correctly outside of MiraCheck. The way you can test is to use the Apple Voice Memos app and you should be able to record voice and hear it back through the headset or using the Lightspeed Flightlink app for recording.

Also check to make sure your settings under Talk to Mira are the following:

Talk to Mira ON
Limit Vocabulary OFF
Follow Up Dialog ON
Challenge/Response OFF
Acoustic Model 1 or Acoustic Model 3 if using Lightspeed

Okay, got it. Thank you for the steps, Jeff. Will try them - next flight is Jan 20.

Bill P

Jeff, question: the last item in your Talk To Mira list, “Challenge/Response” - is there supposed to be something added to that? Thanks,

Bill P

Bill, I already had Challenge/Response listed above. I have edited it to remove.

Okay, thank you. Adjustments to Talk To Mira menu made, and have confirmed Lightspeed headset works via Bluetooth with the native Apple voice memo app, using acoustic model 1. Will report back after next flight.