New user questions

Hi everyone,

    Bill Palmer here, I’m a new user and really excited to be working with the CoPilot app as my virtual flight deck copilot. A few questions have arisen as I’m learning how to use the app:
  1. When I start and stop a timer, like when I want to record engine time and flight time, how can I access the total time after I’ve landed?

  2. When I start tracking a flight, how can I access the flight path after I’ve landed?

  3. When I record a static engine start time, like with a Time Picker, how can I secure that time so it is not changed if I have to do a checklist reset?

Thanks for any advice!

Bill P

Hello Bill and welcome. Good questions as those aren’t covered very well in documentation.

Question 1

Currently you can only have one timer to track a flight like Flight Time. You can’t track Flight and engine time like you are asking above. You would have to choose one.

In the app you can see the timer during a flight by tapping on the clock…

The information is also synced to MiraCheck Cloud after you exit the checklist and you sync your content. You can review the information from MiraCheck Cloud.

Question 2

In the History panel, tap the History button…this will give you a history of that checklist session and you will be able to show the GPS track from there.

Question 3

All values are reset when you reset a checklist, so there is no way to secure that value. That is the definition of Reset Checklist.

Every time you reset the checklist you are creating a new session of the checklist. As I showed above, there is a history log with each session. That history log will have the Time Picker value you selected for that flight (session).