New voices instead of female one supplied

Is it possible to add different voices? The female one is really grating. :slight_smile: And she cannot pronounce simple words like “Check” (she says “Cheek”) and “Set” (she says “Seat”) properly.

If not, how do I change her pronunciation of internal words (ones that I haven’t entered) like Check (which she says after I check an item)?

On Apple device many voices are supported from within the app, but on Android only one voice is currently supported.

Are you on a Samsung device? We did notice that the default Bixby voice doesn’t pronounce Check properly, which seems pretty insane. I successfully changed it on a Galaxy device but I don’t recall the exact steps.

This may help…

If this doesn’t help you I will try to post the steps I followed.

Alas I have a Galaxy S7 which does not have Bixby. I’ve tried to install it but have had no luck.

Try this…

Great - that did it. Now she says “Check” and “Set” properly! :grinning:

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