No voice in Headset

on my last flight (the first with Miracheck) I connected my iPad with my Bose A20, via bluetooth, as normal.
There I get Music and sounds from my navigation-app, also as normal.
When using a checklist I only get signaltones from the list but no voice.
Miracheck is reading normal without headset but connected to headset, only signaltones are going through

Can you give me detail on how you have connected. I use the Bose A20 with no issue. What do you mean that you only get signaltones?

To try to zero in on the issue:
Reboot iPad
Turn bluetooth on and check bluetooth settings to make sure Bose A20 is connected
Open MiraCheck to see if you get audio

After diving more into the issue you are reporting, we did come up with a scenario where audio was being lost once Mira was put in the background. This only occurs using bluetooth. I understand what you were saying about only getting signaltones as well.

The scenario we did to recreate the issue was to:

  1. Reboot to have a clean start
  2. Start a nav app like ForeFlight
  3. Start MiraCheck

At this point the audio in MiraCheck was heard, but if we would put MiraCheck in the background by toggling back to ForeFlight, then moving forward, no more audio would be heard from MiraCheck.

We did find a fix, and it will be in the next release which should go out in a couple of days.

Thanks for your report!

fine, that you figured out my issue.
Thanks for your quick response.

Version 1.4.1 was released today and it has a bluetooth fix, but there was another one we discovered. Wait for Version 1.4.2 which we are waiting for review from Apple to test.

Version 1.4.2 has been released. Let me know how it goes for you.