Not able to view any history, all options just load black page

Hi, love the app been using it for a long time now. Haven’t flown in a while but did today! Used the app as normal, synced the two completed flights/checklist uses of today to the cloud.

Issue is it doesn’t matter if I am using my iPad or Laptop (Chrome or Edge), when I login, navigate to the History section, I can see the two flights I completed today:

Click on any of the options, “Status”, “History”, or Print Checklist, they all just load a new completely blank black page in either the app or web browser. Web address in the URL bar is: Goose Cloud (

Also the same when trying with any flight saved in my history before today, not just the two news one. Really annoying as I need the TACO readings and this is the only place I have saved it.

Please help!


thanks for the product endorsement and feedback. We noticed that issue pretty much at the same time you did.
Unfortunately I have been out of office the last days (including today). I am confident that this issue is resolved within the next 24h :slight_smile:

I keep you posted!
Thanks & happy landings