OpenComments on Yes/No Item's "Yes" Link

I have a Yes/No item. “No” links to the very next item in the list. I’d like “Yes” to open the comments but I can’t seem to make that happen. In its link property, I’ve set it to “openComments” (without the quotes), but it just tells me it cannot find the link. Setting the Link Action property to open the comments causes both yes and no to open the comments.



Yes, currently there is not a way on Yes no to have a different action for the yes and no options. So the action you set will run on both of them.

You can pull off what you are doing with Picker Buttons. Set one Picker to Yes and you can have that open comments. Set the other to No and you can have that go to the next item. Look at the other post I responded to from you for details on Picker Buttons.

You can also use an inline link to open comments, also showed in the response to your other post.

# [Show Comments](openComments)

…would be a large link you can click on to show comments.

If you aren’t aware, if you press-and-hold any item, it also opens comments without you having too add anything.

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To open the comments using a Picker Button, what would be the appropriate JSON to put in the Properties field? Also, I assume that if I wanted a “No” response to just continue to the next item in the checklist, I could just leave the Properties field blank and it would move forward as normal?


In The Yes put:

You can leave No blank.

Make sure to change the Picker Type to buttons and also check the Advance On Select option.

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That did it. Thank you!