Out of sequence Section Headers

I haven’t used MiraCheck app recently. However, I decided to start using it again. Unfortunately it is behaving oddly (at least for how I used to use it).

If I go out of sequence by jumping a Section Header tab (e.g., selecting Taxiing before I have completed the Before Taxiing section) it starts running through the checklist. A gray bar with red X appears towards the top and a green play/pause symbol appears in the center of the screen. If I press the red x it checks all the boxes in the section and jumps to the next.

This is exceeding unhelpful since for example in the Inflight phase I have different sections depending on what type of Cruise I want to fly (normal, max, economy etc.). I use to just select the appropriate one and follow the check list. There are many other examples of where I want to go "out of sequence…ie., not going from left to right through the headers). Rather I just want to run a checklist by selecting the associated section header.

Many Sections of a checklist you want to flow into the next automatically, but sometimes you do want to pause as you mention.

Add a Label Only Item at the end of each procedure where you don’t want her to move forward.

Also check the Ignore Completion option on that item. This just says that the section will be complete even if sitting on that item where it hasn’t been acknowledged yet.

By doing these things, after she reads the Section, all items will be checked and she will wait on the last PROCEDURE COMPLETE item.

This is what it looks like in the app…

Do this anywhere in your checklist flow where you don’t want Mira to auto-move on at the end of a section.