Overlay on Android device with Skydemon

hi guys,
im new with mira. i am using a Android 10 device with SkyDemon. how can i initate the overlay Mode? I read that at least older version did not supply it, that would be a pitty…
The voice mode does work and I can use it als a stand alone version.
the last Q&A about that was 3 years ago…
Thanks a lot any help is apprecatet

Hello Daniel. The overlay mode takes advantage of an iOS capability of multi-tasking. In the Android world, it would be dependent on the device and if the manufacturer implement a similar multi-tasking or split screen mode. It will also most likely depend on if Sky Demon can be used in such a mode. MiraCheck was designed to be able to be used in any resolution, so if the operating system and other app support it then it should work.