Pattern Work Checklist

Looking for suggestions regarding setting up checklist for pattern work. I’m thinking it would be the same through the after landing section. At that point, I could add a Go-To to go back to the Before take-off rather than stopping engine. That works fine, but the items in Before Takeoff are already checked from the first take-off. Thoughts?

I put my Pre-Takeoff section as the first section of the Inflight list. You wouldn’t even need a Go-To link for this. You can just use the Reset List action on the menu from wherever you are in the List and it will clear the entire List and take you to the first Item.

Oh that’s perfect thanks! I currently have Pre-Takeoff as the last step of preflight, but will move it down as the first step of inflight as you suggest.

On a related note, what are your thoughts regarding multiple approaches - as in during instrument approach practice. In this case, at the end of the Go-Around section, I think you’d want to skip up to a fresh / unchecked version of the Approach and Landing list?

That one would be a bit more challenging at the moment. I assume you are wanting to just reset a few Sections in a List, but not all of them. If all the Items are in one Section then you can use Reset Section to do it. If they are in multiple sections, there is not currently a good way to do.

It gives me an idea though that we can explore. I think if when you are creating a link to jump to something we could potentially have a command to reset all items between the link and back to where you are jumping. So if you are linking three sections back it could clear all the items for those three previous sections.

That would be a great solution! Perhaps a “GoTo and Reset” command.

There are some new linking actions. They will appear in Version 2.5 on iOS and 2.4 on Android. One of them called Goto (Reset Items in Range) that will accomplish clearing the items from where you jump from to where you jump to. This will be great for doing pattern work or anytime want to repeat a process in a checklist.

That’s awesome, I’ll give it a try!

I’m trying this out now. The Goto (Reset Items in Range) seems to be resetting items throughout the list, not just those between the goto point and the link to. For example: My Inflight list now has: Before Takeoff, Takeoff, Cruise Climb, Cruise, Descent, Approach & Landing, Go-Around, and After-Landing. The last step of Go-Around now includes a Yes/No to Goto (Reset Items in Range). Upon Yes, I link back to Approach & Landing. This does result in going back to the Approach and Landing section as well as resetting all items between those two points. However, it is also resetting the items in the earlier sections as well. Not a huge problem, but not what I was expecting to happen.

Will take a look. Should only be resetting between the points…not prior to point going to.

Ok…I do see an issue. It is not resetting any items in previous lists (e.g. Preflight), but I do see it resetting items in the list (e.g. Inflight) from the beginning.

Yes, that is what I am seeing as well.

The issue has been fixed in will be in release 2.5.2, most likely approved in the next couple days. Thanks for the bug report!

Here it is in action. Also, have a Go Around question prior to it to handle that.

Very cool, thanks for the quick turnaround! I can’t wait to see that new release in production. I love the idea of combining the yes/no with the link. Here’s how I have mine setup. I figured that once you’ve completed the go-around section, the next step might be variable. For example, you may want to simply go back and try another approach, or you may need to proceed to an alternate. So I set mine up with a few yes/no options. One skips back to the approach and landing section, another skips back to the cruise climb section and another to skip back to the cruise section. The first option sets you up to try another approach at the same airport. The next two set you up to proceed to an alternate, and depends on whether your hold was already at the cruise altitude, or whether you have to climb up to the new cruise altitude for the alternate airport.

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Cool! Thanks for sharing.