Please add voice command for "Skip Section"

Please add voice command for “Skip Section”

Can you be a little more specific of what you believe requirements would be? If you say SKIP SECTION does it jump to the next section and all the items are left unchecked in the section you were in? Currently if you say CHECK SECTION, it will check all items in the section you are in then move to the next section effectively skipping the current section.

If it is also at a predetermined point when you would be making the decision you can get creative with Yes/No questions or Button pickers to link to other sections, effectively jumping them. For example, at the end of my Landing section I have two question, one Do you want to Go Around? If I say YES it moves to the next section, if I say NO it then asks if I want to repeat, for example doing touch-and-gos. If I say YES here it takes me all the way back to my Takeoff section and if say NO it skips the next section and goes to my After Landing section.

You can also have Check items directly jump over sections. So for example, if you had three different takeoff sections, Normal, Short Field and Soft Field you could have a set of buttons first Link to the type of takeoff. You could then at the end of each of those sections have the last Check item link directly to the Climb section skipping over the other types of takeoffs.

Finally, you can jump directly to a section, effectively skipping sections by saying MIRA {section name}, so MIRA AFTER LANDING or MIRA POWER LOSS INFLIGHT would get me there from wherever I am at.

Thanks for your feedback. The next release will have a SKIP SECTION. Also NEXT SECTION, PREVIOUS SECTION, SKIP LIST, NEXT LIST, PREVIOUS LIST.