Preserving formatting in exporte csv files

Is it possible to export a csv file from MiraCheck Cloud to my PC that preserves all the formatting?

I am looking for a way to synchronise edits between the checklist csv file on my PC and the formatted checklist in MiraCheck Cloud.

Its easier to make structural changes to the checklist in the csv file on my PC and export back to the Cloud - as long as I don’t have to reconstruct the formatting each time.



All formatting is preserved with the csv. You can do a test to export you checklist using Export to CSV (Advanced). Then do an import. The import will create a new checklist in your My Checklists so you won’t lose the original you exported from.

I am using pro. I can not find export to CVS. Where is it

Sorry, I meant “Export to CSV”.

In MiraCheck Cloud go to My Checklists. On he top-right of each checklist card you have is a menu. From this menu, you can export to CSV.

OK tried that. No file saved. Might be a security setting. iOS reports “ website repeatedly trying to start another application”. Pressing allow does nothing

Forgot to say, am using chrome.

To export a CSV, you would have to do that from a PC or Mac. The mobile devices don’t allow that.