Print command results in crash (iPad)

I’m trying to print to a PDF. No matter how I try—standard, 2 column, custom, etc.—the app crashes every single attempt. Using an iPad app.

Probably an issue with the content in your checklist. If you can use the Create Share Link function and email the link to that would be great.

Hi Jeff,

I have the same issue. Sending shared link via email to support.


I think the issue may be printing directly from within mobile app on iPad. Seems to work fine from a PC/laptop web browser. If you go directly to Safari on iPad and go to see if that works.


It seems that the integrated browser in the MiraCheck mobile app is not able to print as a traditional browser can. I noticed that using the mobile integrated browser to attempt printing fail from both the iPad and iPhone. Guessing the same issue happens on Android too?

Suspect the fix to the integrated browser may not be a small task. As a workaround, perhaps while in the mobile integrated browser, the print function could call the mobile device default browser instead? At least this could eliminate the MiraCheck crash… thoughts?


OP here. I decided not to try any fixes or ask MiraCheck for more help, because printing from my laptop resulted in no crashes. Cheers.