Print my own checklist

a few years ago, I signed up with the now defunct (from what I understand) Checkmate. At the time, I created my own checklist for a Cessna 172 on Checkmate. From what I remember, I was able to print my own checklist on Checkmate for free. I then transferred the checklist that I created on Checkmate to Miracheck. Do I have now to pay Miracheck to print the checklist that I initially created (contributor) on Checkmate? Thank you.

Sorry, but yes, for MiraCheck the CheckMate content can’t be printed based on our contract with them. Below is a screenshot that is posted on the MiraCheck website. If the content you created on CheckMate you built from scratch and was not based on a CheckMate then it should work if you have the Pro Plan, which it looks like you do.