Print Template Improvements

Version 3 of MiraCheck is around the corner. One feature that is already live is improvements to the Print templates.

  • Label 3 was recently introduced and all of them now support Label 3.
  • If you use a Label Only then it will be treated differently than a challenge/response where it puts the challenge on the left or response on the right.
  • List headings now are displayed on all templates and color coded for each section.
  • Comments also can also now be displayed for all templates. When creating comments, there is a new option under the Comments to decide if you want comments printed or not.

Here are samples of each of the Print Templates…

Standard Layout

5 Columns Layout

2 Columns Layout

2 Columns Layout - Kneeboard

4 Columns Layout - Kneeboard

The new printing options are great, and I have basic questions.

  1. How do you force a section to the top of the next column?
  2. Where is the formatting cheat sheet with the codes? I inadvertently found one when I used a “>” and then it printed with extra lines. So there must be a bunch of formatting codes (very retro - what happened to WYSIWYG?)?