Printed Checklist Formatting Issue

I was working on a new checklist that I cloned from an earlier one. When I went to print the checklist in column format, two of the columns are formatted strangely. Most of the sections are normal, but there are two sections where the justification is off and it cuts off the ends of the lines. Plus the section itself is a little larger than the others. My TO Prep and Airspeed section and my Climb section.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Marshall

In MiraCheck Cloud, add a Share Code to your checklist and then email it to That way I can take a look at your content.

Marshall, in those two columns you had a field with long runs of text with no spaces. The column layout does not handle that well. I just changed the text to this…

Vx:75 / Vygear:80 / Vy:95 / Enroute:105

…and all good.

I also fixed an issue where the Section Print Override wasn’t working. You should see that is now working as well.