Printing checklist with images

When printing my checklist the first image is not printing correctly. Instead of printing the image, it prints the base64 code. The item is a Yes/No item, and the image is in Label 3. (Printing images in Label 3 appears to generally be a problem, but moving it to Label 2 in this case does not fix the problem.) It is not the image itself. That image appears later in the checklist and prints without a problem.

Most of the print templates have special layout logic for Label 2 and Label 3. Without changing the print template, you could try appending the image at the bottom of Label 1. We do provide the source behind the print templates. Under the Advanced panel when you have the top node selected in the outline, there is a Print Properties panel where you can Paste From Template the source of the print template. You have to be familiar with HTML to muck with it. Printing HTML to PDF is more art than science sometimes, and trial-and-error is sometimes necessary.

If you have no luck with either of the suggestions, in MiraCheck Cloud from the checklist card Create Share Link, send the URL to