Printing options - paper checklist

I would like to make a printed copy of key checklists - wanting absolute simple certainty when e.g. dealing with a forced landing situation.
I think there are only the two pre-formatted printing format options?
I’m looking for something like:

[Label1] [Label2]
Approach Assess & plan
Position 1 1,500’ AGL
Pre-landing checks UC - decision
Flap - set
Fuel - off
Fuel pump - off
Master - off
Position 2 1,000’ AGL turn base


This is screen grab from our standard template. How is what you are asking for different?

Thanks for this.
Close, but screen grab is too limited, e.g. for more items than fit on my screen, and lack of ability to manipulate the image except as a bitmap.
A print option that printed a selected node / section in the format of the standard template you did the screen grab from would be pretty good.

The screengrab was just to show you in the forum what it looks like. When you print, it generates a PDF document of what you see in the screengrab. The PDF is the content of the checklist, not an image.

Here is a link to one of the PDF files generated…

Thanks for this.

I have the monthly Pro subscription. I can’t seem to find the print function, let alone template selection. It’s probably user error.



From the MiraCheck Cloud web app, on your checklist card is a menu in the top-right. You access the print functionality there. The templates are the two options Print (Standard) and Print (Columns).

Hope this helps.

Got it - thanks for the quick response. It WAS user error!

So the standard template does not look quite the same for me. As in the screen scrap below, the Label 2 prints below not beside Label 1.

Does that image show for you?

This is the same in the column print view - Label 2 below Label 1.

Finally I want to be able to force a page break between sections, or print individual sections rather than the whole checklist. I have Adobe Acrobat DC Pro so have some ability to manipulate PDFs but it doesn’t extend that far. Any ideas?

Thanks Jon. Found the issue on our end with your checklist and it is now fixed. Also, now forcing a page break for each section which I think is a good idea!

Love it - thanks Jeff.
I really appreciate the turnaround.