Problems using the iPhone X

Do you know of a lightning connector to TRRS (4 pole) 3.5mm audio jack adapter that is needed to connect an iPhone X to a non Bluetooth headset.

I am using the Pilot Communications PA86A adapter with my iPhone 5 and it works well with my non Bluetooth Bose headset.

The lighting to 3.5mm adapters I’ve found so far are only 3 pole jacks (TRS). The PA86A needs a 4 pole (TRRS) adapter to work with the microphone and to make and receive phone calls - and to communicate with Mira.

I could buy the Pilot Communications Bluetooth adapter but it costs $300 vs the $100 I paid for the wired unit.

This is quite a trap for the uninitiated - like me.



Sorry Joe. For this one I don’t have any recommendations. A few customers have talked about the Pilot Bluetooth module, but I have heard no feedback from them if they actually purchased or the performance of the unit if they did.

I found a TRRS (4 pole) 3.5mm audio jack adapter that works with the iPhone X. From Apple of all places.

This is the only 4 pole adapter I could find anywhere.

Thanks. Could you post a link to the adapter you have found?

I’m trying to make my Iphone X work too. I always like to be on a charger when I’m in the airplane though. I sometimes fly more than 8hrs a day. Is there a Y cord of some kind that you might have run across that allows simultaneous charging? Thanks for your research and thanks in advance for any input. BTW I have a Pilot Blue tooth module that is very sketchy recognizing when trying to interact with Mira, even on the ground. I doubt it’s going to work in the air at all. My unit is a bit older and I contacted Pilot by email to ask if their newer models were updated and better but I’ve had no reply.

This unit maybe? I can’t find a TRRS specification but it claims phone call and siri compatability.

That looks like it could work, but with all 3rd party accessories you would have to try.

Any chance of a PIREP on the Amazon adapter?

I’ve not been able to find a dual adapter with the TRRS jack and the lightning socket. My experience so far is that if the ad does not specifically state that the audio jack is TRRS, then it probably is not and won’t work with the iPhoneX - well not the microphone side of the equation anyway.