PS Engineering PMA-450BB

Does anyone have experience linking Miracheck to the PS Engineering PMA-450B audio panel?

The -B version seems to have tweaked one of two independent Bluetooth channels for use with apps like Miracheck. The manual states that “BT1(Bluetooth channel 1) should be used for applications that provide voice announcements
or checklists to avoid clipping of words”. If so, it would allow Mira to talk thru the audio panel instead of the pilot’s headset.


It definitely will work for hearing Mira. For the voice recognition, in theory it will work, but the performance of it may be diminished. Only testing it will determine that. In our upcoming release there are improvements being made to the voice recognition so that may help some.

As far as the statement of “clipping of words”, on headsets like the Bose and Lightspeed, when there is radio communications the audio coming from the mobile device can be lowered, but both have the option of turning that off so the audio is just mixed.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the fast reply.
The 450B is a new item, I doubt many Miracheck users have tried it, but I am interested in hearing their experience.

The line about clipping was a quote from the online 450B manual. I suspect that there is usually a short delay opening the squelch gate, and the delay clips the beginning of a word. The BT1 channel may somehow deal with this issue. When paired to a headset, there is no squelch effect and no clipping issue. But my passenger hears only one side of the conversation with Mira. Pairing to the audio panel would resolve this.

Thanks for your help!

I was at Sun 'n Fun last week and connected with the founder of PS Engineering Mark and we tested MiraCheck. On BT1, it definitely works for voice announcements. For the voice recognition feature more testing is required. It worked sporadically, but there is an auto-squelch circuit that clips the beginnings of words so the voice recognition wasn’t working great. Saying CHECK ITEM instead of one syllable words like CHECK worked better. Because of the environment at a trade show their technical person James felt the auto-squelch kicks in much more than would in a cockpit environment. Mark was going to be doing some testing in his plane over the next week or so. I want the thank PS Engineering and Mark and James for their willingness to work through technical issues like this!