Quick Sync hangs on Anroid

Hy folks,

if I try to make a Quick Sync on my Android-Devices the programm crash with the showing wait-cursor. For progess I have to shut down the App and restart it. Sometimes the new checklists are available, sometimes not. Thank you for helping.


Sorry. Android can be a challenge because of the sheer number of devices. What device and version of OS are you using?

Do you have an issue when you login to the app. FYI…when you login, it syncs any changes you made in MiraCheck Cloud as well. A test you can do is make a change in MiraCheck Cloud. Unload your app from memory in Android. Start the app and login to see if your changes are there.

Hi Jeff,

both device, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Tab 2, works with Android 7.0.

A new installation solves the Problem only for a short time.
After 5 or 6 synchronizations the same Problem again.

After two or three normal syncronizations the message “Reset Current Checklist” pops up several times and I have to quit it again and again, but the syncronization works. After a few further syncronizations the app crashes again.

A new installation and the play beginns again.

Greets Bernd