QuickSync Android

I’m having issues getting QuickSync to work.

When I’m logged out, it will take me to the login screen and then usually update the checklists.
But if I’m already logged in, pressing on the QuickSync button will have no affect.

The Quick Sync should be working. There is no progress indicator yet as it is working so it may seem like it is not. What Quick Sync does is it requests all new data from MiraCheck Cloud and downloads it to the device. One thing to understand is the sessions concept of a checklist. MiraCheck always keeps the last session even if you close the app, or a phone call comes in, or you power off, or it crashes. You specifically have to tell the checklist you want a new session with the Reset Current Checklist function. So after a Quick Sync, although it downloaded the new content, it doesn’t overwrite the current session of a checklist you may have in progress. So after the Quick Sync, run the Reset Current Checklist function to see the new content.

A quick tip is that if you first load the checklist before doing the QuickSync, so that you are viewing it, and then go to the menu to do a QuickSync, it will bring up a prompt asking you if you want to reset the current checklist.