Read a section does not advance


While doing my emergency checklists, I discovered how Mira will read an entire section without interaction when I click the section header. This is great in an emergency as we don’t necessarily want to waste time checking every item.

The downside is that, if the last item contains a link to another section (at the end of my Engine Failure In Flight I have a link to Precautionary Landing) Mira doesn’t advance there, but goes back to the beginning of the section she just read. I believe I could change this by globally setting, under Preferences, “Always Move Forward”, but I don’t want this as the default behavior.

Is there a case by case way around this? I could build an emergency list with links to separate lists for each different emergency I suppose.


Read Sections current functionality is it reads each item in the section and then stops. Following links that would be embedded in there is definitely not trivial and don’t see anything like that in the foreseeable future. After she reads the list you can click on the Link to Precautionary Landing, and then tap the header to have her read that section. If that seems like too much, you can Inline the Precautionary Landing content in the Engine Failure in Flight and she will then read it all.


I have used the Precautionary Landing section a number of times so didn’t really want to copy and paste it a bunch of times. For now I’ll just make sure I hit the + sign and deal with clicking each item. Still not enough to make me shell out for an Apple to talk with her! :blush: